Local Grief Recovery Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are available to any family member or friend of our patients.  A grief recovery specialist is available to come to your home or you may choose to schedule your individual sessions in our office.

Grief Recovery Outreach Program

This 9-Week Grief Recovery Outreach Program was developed by the Grief Recovery Institute.  This program has been designed to provide relief from the pain associated with loss.  This program is life changing providing long-term relief from the pain caused by loss.  Family members and friends of our patients will be informed of each grief program.


Seminars that focus on a variety of issues involving grief are provided.  These seminars will also discuss the 9-Week Grief Recovery Outreach Program.  Family members and friends of our patients will receive flyers throughout the year informing them of these seminars.

National Directory of Bereavement Support and Services

Holy Cross Hospice has access to many to national resources.  If someone you love is in need of support services and lives outside the state of Arizona, please contact us and we can assist them in locating grief support services in their area.

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