The Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program

Start date: TBD

Hosted By:
Holy Cross Hospice
1103 S Mesa Drive, Mesa, Az 85210

Holy Cross Hospice will be providing a complimentary nine (9) week Grief Recovery Outreach Program: TBD

This grief program will be helpful to anyone who has experienced the following losses:

  • The death of a loved one recently or long ago
  • Loss of health
  • A loved one with a chronic, long-term illness, or life-limiting illness
  • Divorce or breakup of a romantic relationship
  • Relationship estrangements
  • Pet loss
  • …and all other losses

This 9-Week Grief Recovery Outreach Program will be provided at no cost to anyone who attends.  One of our Grief Recovery Specialists, Oscar Montiel, will be facilitating this outreach program.  Participants move from being overwhelmed with their losses to being full of gratitude for the relief of their grief.

For more information, please call our Grief Recovery Specialist, Oscar Montiel, at (480) 718-5678.

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