About Holy Cross Hospice Foundation

At Holy Cross Hospice, our team provides specialized care for individuals in the last stages of terminal illnesses. Outside of traditional healthcare, we provide a variety of benefits such as spiritual care and bereavement for family and loved ones. With each of our patients, we focus on symptom and pain relief so they can live in peace and comfort. Contrary to popular belief, hospice is not a specific place, but ideal care that is provided wherever the patient considers to be home, whether that be in an assisted living facility, nursing home, or residential home. Our full-range hospice services are delivered by an interdisciplinary team of caring and compassionate professionals, including home physicians, clinical social workers, hospice nurses and aides, trained volunteers, chaplains, and grief counselors. In addition to our comprehensive hospice care, we can provide external therapy options such as physical and occupational therapy.

At Holy Cross Hospice Foundation,
our skilled and compassionate team provides:
  • Bereavement
  • In Patient Care
  • Routine Home Care
  • Respite Care
  • Emotional Support
  • Spiritual Support


Why Our Clients Prefer Our AZ Hospice

If we could give 10+ stars, we would ★★★★★

Our family highly recommends Holy Cross Hospice.  The care was excellent, the care team was very well connected/coordinated, extremely responsive and available, so compassionate and we felt that they were an extension of our family during a very difficult time with the passing of both of our parents.  They truly care about your loved one and checked in frequently to see how we were doing.

Jana G. – Mesa. AZ

We used Holy Cross Hospice when our father passed in 2016 and we were so impressed with the care towards the end of his life that we went back to Holy Cross Hospice when our mother passed recently. If we could give 10+ stars, we would.  The associated inpatient Hospice Villa is outstanding and we are grateful our parents were taken care of by the staff at the Villa at the end. Thank you to everyone involved at Holy Cross and The Villa IPU”.

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